Original & Benchmark False/Corrupt Child Abuse Case (Founding Case of this Organization)
North Carolina Department of Social Services - Wilkesboro, NC
Supportive Comments & Testimonies
"I have been friends with Jon Scott for the past two years. From the very first time we talked, it was crystal clear that his love for his son was immense - the most important part of his life. Upon learning of the struggles, legal proceedings and the resultant placement of this child into foster care, I am shocked and saddened beyond words. I know with 100% surety that Jon is completely devoted to his son and would do anything and everything to establish a loving, stable, safe, and supportive environment in which to raise his son." Kathleen S. 
Many of these great people have also came to court to testify.... Utmost Thanks to You ALL
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"When you talk to Jon Scott you can see the love for his God, his life and people in his eyes. You can also imagine the pain that is hidden behind those eyes of a father unable to even have contact with his son.  A vicitim of the court "protective" system, his son is missing precious time with his father.  A victim of the "social services" system, this loving father is missing precious time with his son.  After following all demands of the court and displaying nothing but concern, devotion and affection, this father has been denied custody of, and now even visitation with, his son.  What world is it that allows a family to be seperated when that family is working so hard and desires so much to be together? What society stands by and watches as days follow days and turn into years when it is so apparent that this son belongs with his nurturing father?  Jon prays daily for his son, as do his close friends and family, that he is safe and will soon be where he belongs and longs to be most: at home with his daddy." Ruth B.

"I find it very disturbing that DSS and the courts would go to such astonishing means to keep a child from his willing, caring, and loving parents without basis of prior documentation. The fact that revocation of Parental Rights are forcablly being pushed on Jon and his son is mind boggeling. When a parent has gone through and exceeded the guidlines given to be able to reconnect with his son is shamful on the side of the courts to deny his son to be returned to his father. I understand the need to protect a child, but protect the ones who are rutinely brought in to the hospitals, doctors and school nurses with too many bruises to count or broken bones. The children whos homes are empty of food, water, and electricity and filled with drugs, bugs and hazerdous adults. I pray that DSS and the courts come back to the oaths they took to fair and due process for the children and the parent, to protect the children that truely need protection, guide the parents to be better parents and stand up for those who cannot protect themselves. Jon God's speed in getting your son home, where he belongs."  Brooke  B.
Supportive Comments & Testimonies
A Close Friend  Who Came  to Court to Testify

"Dear Honorable Judge David Byrd, prior to this written statement made today and under penalties of perjury, I had made the trip over six-hundred (600) miles from Florida to the jurisdiction of the case for my good friend Jon Scott and his Son, Holden, in and for the Wilkes County Courthouse, for the purpose of testifying on Jon’s behalf, however the case was continued and I was unable to make the trip this time due to current work obligations, however I did want to express to you my sincere thoughts and to relay significant facts to you, for the welfare and benefit of the best interest of the Child, as follows:

As for my personal background, I am a 48 year old happily married white male residing in Saint Petersburg, Florida.  I have owned and operated a full-scale automotive repair shop in Ocala, FL for many years, as well as have taught and professed automotive technology at the Palm Beach Community College and have received one or more accolades from this fully state accredited institute of higher learning.  I am now currently successfully authoring and producing DVD automotive repair videos which are sold internationally.

Jon Scott has been a very close and dear friend throughout approximately twelve (12) years to present, and I’ve always known him to be very honest, respectful, loyal, thoughtful, kind, courteous, caring, appreciative, and overall great person and friend to have.

With the aforementioned character traits as mentioned, I have also witnessed Jon interacting with his son Holden, on several occasions while demonstrating exceptionally great loving, caring, teaching, parenting, and interactivity with his Son and I do truly admire the great Father he is and has been to his Son.  I have witnessed Jon talking to his Son with a clear and precise voice, and with great, love, guidance and direction and I’ve never seen nor heard Jon raise his voice to his Son, neither abruptly, loudly, or otherwise.

I regret not being able to make it to the continued hearing, however, I will have my phone with me throughout the day of the hearing on the 15th should you or anyone else need to reach me for any communications whatever, or even if testimony is possible."  


Jason Varnum
My Mom & Son's Grandmother who Came  to Court to Testify

"To Whom it May Concern: 

My Name is Lois Ann (Jon's Mother and Holden's Grandmother).  I'm writing to say I've personally witnessed beautiful interactions between Jon and his son Holden on many occasions.  Jon would play with Holden the entire time we visited.  It was evident how much they enjoyed each other!  In other visits I watched as Holden played as Jon's kitchen assistant as the little "cooking rat" in Walt Disney's movie "Ratatouille."  Every time I've visited near the evening or nighttime, Jon would spend the time reading a bedtime story to his son.  

I love Holden and want him to have a wonderful life and I know Jon loves his son very very much also.  Please give Jon the opportunity to raise Holden and I know he'll turn out and grow up to be a very special young man.  This little boy has been away from his father's love too long already."  Lois Ann, Holden's Grandmother.
My Sister & Son's Aunt who Came  to Court to Testify

"To Whom it May Concern: 

My Name is Sherry Paquette.  I am Jon's sister.  I am a registered nurse in Ft. Myers, FL.  My mom and I had to fly back home today and we won't be able to miss work any longer as the case has been continued several days when we sat it court waiting to be heard.  I feel I need to advocate for my brother because I feel that Jon's love and priority for Holden are evident when Jon's with him.  

I have always seen plenty of laughter, playing, respect, and love between Holden and his Dad.  Holden always enjoyed Jon's witty humor which contributed to Holden's joyful personality and they seem to bring out the best in each other and interact with each other in a way that "warms the heart."  I have always seen Jon providing guidance in a very attentive, gentle, effective manner and Holden's responses were positive and beautiful towards his Dad.  

I feel that Holden and his DAD have been separated long enough and that Jon should be given another chance.   Please don't keep this son from his Father and this Father from his son any longer.  A mistake has been made but a lesson has been learned.  So Please don't deny Jon the pleasure of raising his son to be the wonderful young man that he will be."  Thank - you, Sherry Paquette

My Grandmother & Son's Great-Grandmother

"My Grandson Jon Scott is (was) a wonderful father to Holden Scott.  I first hand witnessed wonderful interactions between the two (father and son).  I think it's atrocious that they are separated from each other.  Holden may be in the home of a caring foster family now, but it's wrong that he's not with his family.  I'm very sad to see my Grandson Jon without his son.  I've witnessed Holden bring out the best in his father and his father bring out the best in Holden.  I know all about the one night  when they took Holden from all of us but it was an isolated incident provoked by other circumstances.  Holden should be reunited with his father Jon Scott."  Katherine Ciotti, Jon's Grandmother.
A Friend and Landlord who came to court to Tesify

"I have known Jon Scott for several years and he has always been on time in making monthly payments on the fully remodeled home that I rented to him and he has always kept it clean and organized.  I have also observed him and his son together on many occasions and all I've seen was the love and care Jon has shown for his son."  Jimmy Church 
"This just breaks my heart! That sweet baby boy deserves to be with those who truly love him and not with the grandmother who is obviously exploiting him and the situation for the attention. She is obviously the one who needs Social Services intervention because with her mental illnesses she probably can't take care of herself let alone the boy. I whole-heartedly give you my support. And from one parent to another, I will think of you and your boy and I will pray to God that He will clear the minds of those in the courts to see the cloud of deception Social Services has cast."  Amanda C.
"After reading Jon's testimony, I find it hard to believe that Jon and his wife lost custody of his child over ONE spanking that accidentally went wrong.  It also sounds like Jon was following proper procedures for corporal punishment that the department of family and children (DFACS) allows and a genetic problem might have occurred OR an unintentional injury.  If it happened more than once, I'd understand; but it sounds like it only happened once.  Also ... when a person looks at evidence, I would think they'd look for signs of abuse on the arms and legs as well.  If abuse intentionally occurred, I'd think you'd find more abuse than a bruise on the bottom.  

Based on what I've read, I hope Jon gets his son.  Donna C.