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What this Investigative Group is About:

Parents are facing a truly horrifying national pandemic that our fully state licensed investigative agency comprehensively investigates utilizing over twenty-four (25) years of my personal investigative knowledge and experience as a fully state licensed private investigator who in 2009, created and has continued to pioneer these specialized investigations, which I've named as Parental Rights Defense and CPS Defense cases.  Beginning with a fully state accredited AS degree from 1995 majoring in the profession itself of the private practice of both civil and criminal investigations, we again have and continue to maintain, the very highest success rate in the nation for helping our clients become reunited with their children, holding those legally accountable for violating the rights of our clients, and building a case against those persons and their departments for Federal and/or State civil litigation against them.

Many years later, some lawyers around the country have tried to compete with our unsurpassed results however, we continue to get hired from those same clients whom hired them first, then later have realized they only hired a desperate lawyer attempting to tap into a vast market which demands much more than mere dog-and-pony show lawyer work in or out of a courthouse.  They have learned quite fast that these lawyers normally have little to no experience working on these cases, nor do they have any verifiable or significant track-record of their clients actually becoming reunified back with their children, and as soon as possible (isn't that supposed to be the main goal?). Instead, more months and months on end go by while they play the same money game as CPS by asking their clients for more and more money.

After our Investigative Case Assessment is complete, we offer a very fair and reasonable quote for hiring us.  Once we are hired, we then email our very comprehensive Case Questionnaire form to our client(s), as our foundation for knowing every important detail of the case, everyone involved from the judge down, their contact information, and what has been the problem and issues with each single person, and of all reasonably important issues and concerns of the case itself.  We have ongoing communications about the case, and we normally request for our clients to complete tasks that are strategically designed to assist us with securing the best possible evidence and to prepare that evidence, for our client(s)' use and benefit in their case.  

An example of a case task would be the request for a copy of our client's psychological evaluation that CPS demanded they undergo, and to obey whatever the psychologist recommends.  Before sending it to us, we would first ask our client to make notation of that psychological evaluation, of anything they believed was false, inaccurate, misleading, or incorrect in any way, as building blocks for our investigative efforts to seek rebuttal probative evidence to prove the evaluation is wrong, false, and unreliable, and to even possibly build a case against the psychologist himself/herself for professional malpractice/negligence.  I, Inv. Jon Scott and responsible for having a NC licensed psychologist (Dr. Harry G. Padgett), to be forced by the state to surrender his license to practice psychology, after furnishing my investigative report and evidence to the NC Psychology Board.  They in fact, also emailed me a copy of their letter to Mr. Padgett, which should also be displayed on this site.  After that huge landmark accomplishment, very many psychologists/psychiatrists nationwide have taken us very seriously when we've strategically communicated with them about our client's case, where many have literally changed the outcome of their own psychological evaluation reports on our clients, for the better, as a result.  Those types of strategic communications normally include not to include, the actual names of our clients, but instead, to simply mention enough details about the case so that the psychologist surely knows who/whom we are talking about.  That works to prevent the psychologist's attempt to condemn the parent/client for putting that psychologist under a licensed private investigation.

As state licensed private investigators, we are authorized by law and also very experienced, for doing very many things that attorneys are authorized to do.  We will also communicate with our client's attorney as appropriate, whether court appointed or hired, to seek case team-work for our client's case.  Being that we are licensed to secure and prepare many forms of evidence as an attorney can do, we also work hard to discover what any attorney on the case may have missed and/or willfully neglected to do for our client's case.  We have also conducted video surveillance of persons of interest in the case, such as foster parents, to record video evidence to determine the children's safety and well-being for our client's peace-of-mind, and for securing evidence of those conditions and treatments of the children, and to also learn of any bad habits, affiliates, associates, possible criminal activities, and any other important facts of the persons of interest - that would help to strengthen our client's case.  These are just a few examples of very many ways we are able to truly help our clients with their CPS cases.

What our Expert CPS Defense Investigations are for:

Children are routinely illegally taken from their parents by CORRUPT DSS (Department of Social Services) CPS (Child Protective Services) state-run departments. Their children are taken from fully documented VERY loving and caring homes with truly caring and providing parents and many times, for no legitimate reason whatsoever.  The parents then become profoundly heartbroken over the unquestionably CORRUPT CPS system that used its highly broad authorities to unexpectedly snatch their child or children from the loving arms of the parents, and at many times, for no reason that anyone would dream of as being justified. 

The second phase then kicks in. Even in cases where there was justification for taking of the child from the parent and/or abusive or neglectful situation, DSS/CPS then systematically and with scheming endeavors, pretends its mission is to help that parent to better himself or herself for reunification.  However instead, CPS workers begin with their nasty attitudes and reckless actions against the parent(s) by pretending to listen to them or completely ignoring them altogether as just the beginning for them to build up a case that lasts as long as possible so they can continue to  enjoy each corrupt, fraudulent, and ill-gained paycheck after paycheck - all the way to the day the child or children are adopted out to another family (which generates even more money for their department).

This extremely prolonged and drawn-out inflated case, is exactly how this corrupt machine maintains its stability of the careers of all those connected to it namely, the entire DSS agency and its staff members, the judges, the court appointed lawyers, the court ordered psychologists, the guardian ad litems, pediatricians, anger management classes, parenting classes, and the list goes on. 

Between the first and second stages, the willful, and purposeful, and intentional reckless social worker(s) make(s) the parents struggle to even figure out exactly what it will take, and to accomplish, for them to become reunified with their child.  Typically after the parent attempts to reach their quite disinterested, passive, and inherently ineffective  court appoint lawyer very many times and/or the CPS worker for clarification about the "case plan goals", the parent then learns that there is an intentionally  designed, very overly broad, vague, and ambiguous, group of tasks or goals directed to the parent to complete.  Those "goals" are also typically never clear nor concise about what must be accomplished adequately for the parent to have their child returned back to them and case closed.  Instead, the scheming social worker will typically hand write on their department's form, what looks like a doctor's prescription on a sheet of note paper and many times also, in rough cursive writing that is very difficulty to read or distinguish with reasonable clarity. 

Those "case plan goals" are therefore clearly designed from the beginning to be an on-going pandora's box of uncertainly, confusion, misconception, ill-perception, and misdirection of the case itself and again, to permit the case to continue on indefinitely, having little to no reasonably structured goals.  For an example of a very commonly used overly broad, vague, and ambiguous task that CPS directs the parent to achieve and complete, is that of undertaking a psychological assessment and moreover, a full psychological evaluation.  That directive  purposely and intentionally most always includes the attached stipulation "and the parent must follow all of the psychologist's recommendations".  

This clearly and inevitably puts the parent at the mercy of the financially motivated psychologist who almost always writes up their exam report in heavy bias against the parent, and in strong collusion with CPS, of the parent to have many types of disorders and/or reasons why the case should be prolonged indefinitely.  Let there be no mistake, the psychologists in these case have a financial relationship with the CPS department. The crooked psychologists rely on continued referrals from CPS, and CPS in turn, relies on the psychologist to produce open-ended, bias, and influentially confusing reports that are aimless of any true help for the parent to become reunified back with his/her child, nor for the child or children to become reunified back with his/her parent.  

These highly disgraceful and unethical psychologists are more interested in playing the money game than to truly help the parent or child to become reunified again.  We see this on a regular basis - case after case, day after day, and year after year.  Our team legally places those corrupt psychologists under the most legally aggressive, strategic, and thus effective investigation imaginable where many have literally changed their entire reports on our clients from bad to very good, after we've been retained.  What do they fear? What motivates them? Not just having extremely high training, certifications, and licensure as an investigator since 1996, let us please not forget the fact that I've also personally been the cause and reason what Dr. Harry G. Padgett was forced by the North Carolina Psychology Board to surrender his license to ever practice psychology again - ever.  Please feel welcome to read that documentation off of the home page.  He is now dead and gone however, he would have continued injuring and damaging many more parents for many more years in the past, had I not have taken those highly necessary actions against him. 

The third phase is then applied. CPS staff members "social workers" continue to treat the parent with utter disrespect while falsifying information in their reports in declaring facts that are not proven in a court of law. CPS uses and relies heavily on its corrupt strong-arm (the psychologist) to make ongoing reports declaring that the parent isn't doing enough of what the psychologist recommended, such as not getting enough therapy and/or not taking enough drug tests no matter how many negative tests the parent has achieved. They also litter their reports with negative opinions of their own which is designed to persuade the judge to allowed the "reunification plan" to continue on further (along with their crooked paychecks).

The final phase then happens many times where CPS eventually deems the parent unfit, and not in compliance with the "tasks" stipulated in the "case plan" which they then unthinkably, begin pushing hard to adopt the child or children out to other parents. This entire process typically takes anywhere from several months to several years, which again, keeps every single one of those corrupt individuals whom are all entwined in a tightly connected circle, job-employed and personally empowered with deluded self-righteousness. 

The CPS in North Carolina and in many other states consistently maintain an ILLEGAL Child Snatching and Child-for-Adoption system in which they are allowed and permitted (by the supporting local County Judges) to take away children from parents that have made a few bad choices, a few mistakes, or have had a few shortcomings as well as even from well-functioning, loving, caring, and sound homes, where children are highly loved and cared for.  Next, they schmooze the parents into signing a “Parental Reunification Plan” just to snare them into thinking they will certainly get their child or children back once they cooperate and comply with the signed and agreed-upon tasks outlined in the so-called “Case Plan.” However, the shocking fact eventually materializes. The parent(s) have not only complied and cooperated with the original given tasks, but also for the many unexpected additional tasks that later become added on – just to finally find out that all those efforts that have been documented, are simply not good enough to get their beloved child or children back. 

The parent finds out later that his or her corrupt state DSS and CPS department actually gets a nice bonus commission per each adopted child it processes, where their own child or children, are among this highly influenced and unregulated financial scheme. It becomes perfectly clear that the social workers of these agencies enjoy the feeling of invincibility and narcissistic self-righteousness, whom are also highly accustomed to playing the extreme of all ignorance cards. They are ignorant to the rights, feelings, emotions, and best interests of both the children and of their biological families.  
These corrupt DSS and CPS departments are putting these parents through an emotional, legal, financial, and living HELL with absolutely no conscience of the effects it has on them or especially, the children involved. These people are indeed, state governmental ignored kidnappers and unlawful racketeers of children. Their unthinkable actions have become nationally recognized and the awareness of the nation at large continues to grow and is reflected per each new massive Federal Constitutional Rights lawsuit that continues to force change (and that we help build).  This is also what's known as White Collar Crime and they've indeed taken away a child from a very loving parent who also has a college science degree in investigating such higher level crimes - to the fullest extent.

As the founder of this organization, I just happened to be one of those very many parents out there who also happens to be a state licensed private investigator with now over twenty-four (24) years of experience in the legal industry, and have also made a commitment to utilize all the hard-earned academic accomplishments, training, certifications and licensure throughout these many years, to help many other parents and families - combat this disgusting gut-wrenching hidden society of make-believe child protectors. 

Just because they may provide a true beneficial intervention for a percentage of true-to-life hazardous or illegal situations involving families, does not by any stretch of the imagination justify stepping into a vastly dark one-hundred eighty degree direction, that is highly based on the framework of maintaining the finances, jobs, and careers of this department and all of its connected and associated staff, personnel, and practitioners.

To this day, our investigative agency has gained very high public recognition and acceptance for helping many families nationwide, whom have been up against this glorified and even self-proclaimed tyrant. Our national group of highly trained licensed investigators specialize in this area of law to help numerous parents and families in building a very solid case that verifies and documents the TRUE FACTS, all actions taken by the people involved, any and all illegal or improper activities that DSS/CPS and any of its affiliates have conducted, thus, giving the parent much more abilities, leverages, and choices towards getting their children back, as well as having the option to possibly seek criminal charges, civil actions, or even a Federal lawsuit against DSS/CPS or any of its affiliates, based on the very high quality of evidence that our investigators secure for the parent.

This site also details the entire story of what happened in my own case (as with the mentioned Dr. Harry G. Padgett), as the landmark case which pushed me into a whole new and pioneering area of investigative specialization dealing in CPS defense and parental rights issues. As a result, we are the leading and pioneering nationwide investigative group that helps parents get the best possible results in these extremely difficult DSS/CPS cases - dealing in the many legal issues of parental rights. When needed, the investigators will turn the tables around and put each and every single person involved (including the judges, scheming social workers, court appointed lawyers who pretend they are helping, GAL, psychologists, and all others) under an extremely intricate and intense professional investigation.

The actions of these CPS departments are truly that sinister and dysfunctional. The major thing that has been helping this circle of corrupt individuals maintain this hidden racketeering for so long, was the fact that the Internet wasn't around for many years in the past - so they could hide from being exposed to the public, much more easily. Our investigators are experts on exposing people for their crimes and wrongs done against their clients - whenever and however, appropriate. Those extreme actions taken by our firm is the reason a case worker has stated in court under oath in the founder's landmark case, "The site is an occupational hazard." We have another theory. We believe that illegally snatching away a child or children from their loving parents for unwarranted reasons, and/or unjustly, intentionally, and maliciously keeping them from being reunited is a true hazard to the psychological and emotional well being of the family that has been recklessly ripped apart.  

DSS/CPS creates much more than hazard. Their department is responsible for orchestrating textbook fraud and corruption. They are sinister at engineering a situation where the sky essentially suddenly falls on the head of one or more parents, then artfully schmoozes the parent into signing a "parental reunification plan" or "case plan" - just to set them out on a very long journey of false hopes of getting their child or children back. Over time, this journey simply leads to more money produced for the corrupt department, and more inner-emptiness and bitterness for the parent - especially when their own court appointed attorney eventually tells them that "I know that what they are doing is completely wrong and corrupt, however, its spiraled so far out of control at this point, that there is very little that can be done." These are the exact words of a court appointed attorney that has been the third assigned lawyer to the case, after the two prior lawyers decided to withdraw from the case, knowing they were becoming exposed more and more for corruption and unethical practices.

We also welcome supporters who(m) would like to make a contribution to Sponsor much needed expert DSS/CPS investigative defense services for families that have been financially ruined by the corrupt actions of DSS/CPS.  Please contact us if you would be interested in sponsoring a family in need.  You will know of all the details of the case, its progress, and results.  We want more people to become involved and to celebrate successful cases together but are financially limited to take on many free (pro bono) cases.

We thank each one of our highly appreciating clients whom hired our team in good faith and worked with us all throughout on their cases - together as a very strong and organized legal investigative team.

Inv. Jon Scott, 
Site Founder
For Your Due-Diligence - False Statements Made About Us from Haters (BAD parents trying to put blame on us).  Mentally ill and unstable BAD parents trying to get GOOD parents to believe we didn't try to help them.
Our Team INVESTIGATES & FIGHTS for Your PARENTAL RIGHTS to put a STOP & END to Court/Judicial, DSS, CPS,  Fraud and Corruption. "You helped me very much, in fact, much more than I expected towards getting my children back."
Amanda Holston, parent of three children. 
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