The Full Version of what happened to the Founder, which as a result, this organization was formed:

​The purpose documentation is to inform the public about much needed change in law that is needed with regard to gross neglect, violation, breach, and infringement of the legal rights to be a rightful parent of a child, and to inform all state and federal governmental departments/agencies concerned with such legal matters and violations.  

In brief about my background, I have been and still am, a licensed private investigator since 1996 with 24 years total combined experience in both civil and criminal cases and therefore, I have no criminal background that would otherwise conflict the holding of such license and fiduciary position of trust by the public at large. I have also never had this license suspended nor revoked in all these many years I've conducted hundreds of licensed investigations including working with the FBI and many other law enforcement agencies on several many State and/or Federal crime cases I have personally conducted. Additionally, I have started my training with a college degree in investigations, from a highly specialized and fully state accredited AS Degree course from 1993 - 1995 before I went on to become certified in a specialized area of investigations from the IPTM (Institute of Police Technology & Management) of the University of North Florida, Jacksonville. I moved to NC from FL to provide a home for my ex-wife who is from NC, and son who was born in NC also.  

November 15, 2009, I spanked my Son's behind one time and one time only where some unexpected mild bruising had occurred that went away shortly thereafter.  Besides the discoloration, there were absolutely no injuries whatsoever discovered later by my son’s pediatrician. After I learned that spanked too much, and it caused the bruising, I immediately knew it was wrong and that spanking would never be used again for discipline.

2. On the very next day, I routinely drove my son to daycare not expecting the heavy-handed spanking to have caused any marks at all to his behind since its never happened before, and also well-knowingly that they would be changing his pull-ups and viewing his behind, which also shows I wasn't aware that the spanking would even cause any bruising to occur otherwise, of course I would not have taken my son to daycare the next day for them to change his pull-ups and see that.  I have been very sorry that I spanked too hard in that moment not thinking properly at the time, which I’m entirely sorry for and very aware that I was wrong for it and have admitted being wrong for the accidental hard spanking since the day it happened.

3. The Wilkesboro, NC Department of Social Services were then called by the day care about the discovered bruise marks from the spanking and DSS went out and took pictures of my son then later called the police to have me arrested on charges of child abuse, where guilt was not entered against my record of this charge.  The officer who arrested me said that he didn’t believe what they were doing was right but that he had no say in the matter and that it was the decision of DSS to make the charges.  DSS then allowed my ex-wife's parents to care for the child. The GrandmotherMs. Reba Golds, has been in a psychiatric hospital several times (where I've visited her there on one occasion) and has been on several anti-depressants and others, and has also suffered from a serious brain aneurysm.  She has also made contact with DSS in the past, to make false reports of negligence against me and my ex-wife and also, against a Guardian (friend) who helped take care of my son for a while, and DSS concluded their investigation as UNFOUNDED for BOTH and closed the file.  So, as soon as this situation arisen, she did just as before and spent a lot of time reporting false information to DSS about both myself and my ex-wife (her daughter) while my son was in her custody, such as, that me and my ex-wife (who were still living together at the time) didn't properly take care of our son and that our home was messy etc. At the same time, she would fail to mention things like how she was paid to help clean the home after she offered to do it for payment, offering only one-sided negative views. The grandmother has been extremely selfish and has maintained a personal agenda in working against both me and my ex-wife for the purpose of keeping our son as close to them as possible. Both grandparents have also redundantly attempted to persuade both me and my ex-wife to allow them to adopt our son for which we never would accept since we both were continuously working hard to provide the best home, love, care, and needs for our son. In fact, both grandparents on one occasion came into mine and my ex-wife's home and literally grabbed my son out of his baby chair while I was feeding him, and claimed that he hasn't been fed enough, and I held a video camera on them both as they ran out the door with my son, as I told them I would call the police if they took my son. While I was outside trying to tell them to give me back my son, the grandmother pointed the car at me and almost ran me over with it. I called the local police department and showed the video to the officers when they arrived at my home and informed the law enforcement of the incident.  They advised that the grandparents were at the police department. I then drove to the North Wilkesboro police department where the grandparents were at with my son. Law enforcement then escorted the grandparents to the lobby where my son (still not walking at the time) readily climbed right out of the arms of the grandmother's into mine. 

4. As I was leaving with my son, the police officer then came to my car and asked if I wanted to file charges against the grandparents for which they both would have been arrested on the spot.  I declined the offer hoping and keeping faith they would change their ways of thinking about their own interests as opposed to appreciating that me and my ex-wife were making every effort to better ourselves and to prosper as a family in the learning experience of being the best parents possible for our son.  I then accepted the grandfather's apology however, the grandmother proves that she has continued her efforts against us both by making grossly inaccurate claims in liaison with DSS, such as declaring it would be a big mistake to return the child to his parents.  It's also not surprising that the grandmother found a man and wife couple who have two kids of their own, to assist them with taking care of our son, while being placed in their custody temporarily, while the grandmother no doubt made every effort again to convince the married couple to file for the Foster Care License for DSS to place our son in their home, and then for them to ultimately adopt our son (regardless of both of his biological parents covering everything asked and more of a long and drawn-out "Parental Reunification Plan".  None of this (about the Grandmother) was ever brought up in court to challenge her background and/or motives as both myself and my ex-wife never thought the "Parental Reunification Plan" would continue to delay us this long in having our son back, especially when little if anything the grandmother claimed was supported by factual evidence. 

4.5 Updated: 7-31-11 to 8-11-11: The Grandmother Reba Golds has likely recently learned of this story being posted online about her background and nasty things she has done (running out of my home with my child, almost running me over with her car trying to escape with my son, persistently trying to adopt my son, reporting false information to DSS, and persuading a married couple to obtain a foster care license to eventually adopt my son), so likely in retaliation, she has collaborated with Wilkes County DSS attorney Paul Freemanand making claims that I make more money than I reported to DSS. So, Mr. Paul Freeman continues to file corrupt pleadings wasting even more tax payer's money after a nearly two (2) year old county governmental fraudulent "Abuse/Neglect" case has been created.  Now, Mr. Freeman is obviously retaliating as well for finally becoming exposed for corruption and for his false information he perpetually represents, where in retaliation, he now is trying to bring even more trouble to me, the Father of my son, by falsely and corruptly alleging in his latest pleadings "Upon Information and belief, the defendant has annual income in excess of XXXXXX"  Where did he get this "information and belief"? Mr. Freeman then deliberately instructed a DSS Worker to skip over a business deduction that is listed on a 1040 Schedule C that was submitted several many months ago, and forced the worker to skip over a standard business deduction to arrive at a new Adjusted Gross Income which increased the net profit line much more.  Mr. Freeman didn't state one single "information and belief" in the courtroom on 7-27-11.  A tax professional has later been consulted on my taxes and on this form where she concluded that you cannot skip over business expenses and deductions as this, otherwise, you will not arrive at the accurate business net profit. Therefore, a motion is being processed to modify/set aside this should the new judge actually allow it to be ordered (this is now dealing in Child Support Court, not Parental Rights Court where all the other actions of DSS have taken place however, Paul W. Freeman, Jr. is the same corrupt attorney in both). Updated: 8-11-11: Mr. Paul W. Freeman, Jr. also "suddenly" raised this issue against this standard IRS tax form that has been submitted to the office for which he represents, as proof of income, nearly a year or more ago.  Therefore, why does he now after a year or more later, suddenly wish to recalculate the form and to arrive at a much higher income that is clearly inaccurate and likewise where I wouldn't be able to pay over three times the current child support..? The answer is that Mr. Paul W. Freeman has likely recently discovered that my Criminal Court attorney has been contacted by me for verification that the Criminal Court case has long ago been closed and disposed of after satisfactory conditions were met with that court.  Likewise, Mr. Paul Freeman has carried on a huge intentional lie and falsehood in the courtroom and in his legal pleadings, making continuous claims that I have not been in compliance with the criminal court towards working with DSS, as a condition, to satisfy and close the criminal case and dispose of the charges. On 8-4-11 I called and I spoke with Ms. Gerry of the Wilkes County Courthouse who informed me that the case was just as me and my attorney understood, was closed, "straight" and over and done with since: 5-12-2010… I then arrived at the Clerk's office and obtained a certified copy showing the same as what Ms. Gerry informed me - CLOSED.  Therefore, this just by itself, PROVES that Mr. Paul W. Freeman intentionally held a perpetual dark cloud over my head during all of those hearings, and throughout over a year, making this intentional false and misleading statement both orally in court and in his written pleadings, where he had every opportunity to contact the Clerk's Office just as I have done and to get his FACTS straight. Mr. Freeman has also been well aware that I've completed all the things asked of me on the "Reunification Plan" and well over and beyond what was listed to complete it (such as volunteering to attend MORE parental learning, not one, but THREE (3) psychological evaluations, not one, but SEVERAL Anger Management classes (all with certificates of completion) and the list goes on.. I was also obligated to pay for all of these expenses myself.  Mr. Paul Freeman would continue to persuade the judge that to paraphrase: "The anger management class he took wasn't good enough, because he chose to take an online course instead of one in person." This course was fully administrated by a NC State Licensed Counselor and I clearly presented it to DSS Social Workers and Staff before taking it, and they made clear ACKNOWLEDGMENT of it being acceptable to take the online course - but later, Ms. Elizabeth Davis (DSS Social Worker) lied on the stand stating that I never informed her of this online course. Before I began the classes, I have a video showing me calling her voicemail, detailing the name of the website, the 800 number to call and speak to the state licensed Counselor for any questions, and with the date and time from the screen of my phone to prove the call was made and to whom received it. In fact I additionally presented this website again to her along with an entire room filled with DSS Staff members for a  Case Review stating the name of the website clearly: "" and they all smiled and shook their heads in clear approval of it.  After I stated "That's false." while she was testifying, Judge Michael Duncan (the original DSS Court Judge who declared my son was an abused and neglected child) told me I'd be in contempt to speak out again. But who can just sit quiet inside of a kangaroo court filled with words of intentional lies and deceitfulness? So, back to Mr. Paul Freemen, "He needs to take another one" and… "Throughout the THREE (3) psychological evaluations he took (showing good sound mind, leadership skills, very positive outlook on life, great comprehension of things, great care and appreciation for others) wasn't good enough to allow him back his son" "The Parenting Class he took and achieved certificate of completion from, wasn't good enough." Mr. Paul W. Freeman seems to thrive and capitalize on confusing the Judge, Social Workers, and myself the Parent, with whatever he feels like MISPRESENTING.  

4.6 In fact, I strongly believe I've witnessed Mr. Paul W. Freeman, Jr. walking down the street in Wilkesboro or North Wilkesboro with the District Attorney, seeming to try to convince him (the DA) to illegally re-open the criminal case against me to allege that I've not complied with the "Parenting Reunification Plan".  I believe this to be true or I wouldn't put it in writing and I'm sure if the DA reads this, he would know it to be true or not.  All I can remember was the look on the DA's face smiling and shaking his head as if to tell Mr. Paul Freeman, "Sorry ol' pal, but the law is the law and I took an Oath to stand for Justice, not to appease your personal agendas."  I'd highly infer that this meeting occurred at one time or another regardless if that was the moment in time that I actually seen it happening. Likewise, now that Mr. Paul W. Freeman couldn't have me arrested for non-compliance with the "Parenting Reunification Plan" he is now again, very likely retaliating for being entirely exposed for once, and trying his next illegal strategy with instructing a DSS worker to recalculate the same IRS tax form that was already submitted to their office nearly a year ago or longer.  The timing of his actions to attempt to force me to pay an unreasonably higher amount of Child Support, thus to have me eventually arrested, completely coincides with his failure to have me arrested in attempt to blindside the court and likely DA's Office as well.

5.  The judge in the criminal court understood that the spanking wasn't meant to cause injury or abuse. Besides the light bruising on his behind, no injuries were ever declared by his pediatrician.  The Judge likewise did not order guilt to be entered against me (his Father). In fact, the Honorable Judge in that court had viewed the pictures taken by DSS and even shook her head in disbelief that I was arrested for Child Abuse and she personally requested for her legal assistant to call DSS and find out what the situation was and then shook her head again in disbelief that DSS didn’t even come out to my home first to investigate what had happened and to learn of the circumstances and to observe the Child-Parent interactions (to see that the child wasn't scared around the parents etc).  

6. I even contacted a woman in the North Carolina Raleigh Headquarters of DSS and spoke with a woman in the Policy Department whose name is Ms. Valerie Johnson, who provided a legally recorded conversation that in the exact instances as described herein, that it was very much the description of an improper discipline and not an attempt to injure nor abuse the child and that the child would not likely be taken from the parents and that DSS would meet with the parents, ask what had happened, find out what led up to the spanking, and discuss alternative disciplinary approaches, however, would not likely declare the parent a child abuser for a one time only, light to moderately bruised behind from a one time only, heavy-handed spanking (on the behind).

7. DSS not only did NOT come out first to investigate what happened, they also waited several months before finally conducting an interview to ask me and my ex-wife about it, and the Judge seemed very disgusted with that and she ORDERED that I had full rights to my son and could go pick him up where he was at with his grandparents (the in-laws).  Once again, the criminal court Judge viewed the photos taken of my son's behind after the spanking and obviously didn't think I had intent to abuse my son by the spanking, nor did she find the photos to be indicative of obvious abuse or that my son was in any danger whatsoever.  My attorney advised that the judge gave me full rights to go get my son even if that meant with the aid of a Deputy Sheriff.  It was then the end of the day when I left the courtroom and arrived to get my son at the In-law’s house.  The grandmother insisted that I waited the next day before my son could go back with me so she could get proof of this first (the court's Order) by DSS.  I didn’t find any reason why waiting another day would be an issue.

8. The very next day when Wilkes County NC DSS learned that the Honorable Judge in the Criminal Court ordered that I may go get my son at any time from the grandparents, they immediately filed an Emergency Petition for Temporary Custody making claim that my Son would be in a dangerous environment if he came back to my home where he had been living very happily and comfortably for the past nine (9) months or longer.  Please note, they filed this Emergency Petition STILL BEFORE ever asking me or my ex-wife what had happened and why, and whether it has ever happened before.  

9. The Court that deals with Parental Rights matters received the Petition and granted it.  When DSS finally scheduled a meeting with me and my ex-wife both to ask what had happened, they advised that they filed the Emergency Petition for Temp. Custody exclusively after his pediatrician Dr. Julie Koch did a so-called forensic examination of my son, and declared him an abused child (however, she never showed up in court to testify yet the court allowed her report to stand uncontested).  The grandmother whom I would allow to pick my son up on Fridays from the daycare and to visit with him over the weekends at her home, collaborated with DSS and volunteered to allow him to be taken to his pediatrician for this claimed forensic examination where he was then declared by Dr. Julie Koch to be an abused child. I trusted this woman to look after my son over the weekends but instead, she betrayed my trust and told DSS several many false negative things that she could think of (which have been fully contradicted later in court by several witnesses whom came forth to testify - such as our home was always dirty etc.) about both myself and my ex-wife and as a result, DSS has made clear in their reports that her influence weighed in heavily towards their actions.  Again, I have visited this woman in a mental hospital for one or more disorders and she is on heavy anti-depressants and other drugs likely to be anti-psychotics yet insists that neither me nor my ex-wife are fit enough parents to take care of our child.

10. Both me and my ex-wife were then given court appointed attorneys to represent us in the court dealing in the interest of the child and families. 

11. I begged my Wilkes County NC court appointed attorney Brandon Edge to challenge the pediatrician's so-called forensic examination and he at first said he would put her on the stand to question her, and he even presented to the judge of this interest then later he advised that I would get my son back faster if I just signed a parenting reunification plan with DSS and the court.  I asked him repeatedly to challenge the claims of abuse instead of signing the paper and that I wanted my fair right to an expert to come in and testify on my behalf in rebuttal to Dr Julie Koch's inaccurate conclusions of abuse.  On one occasion when I approached him with my laptop to show a piece of case-law that I had researched for him to consider (as I did for my criminal defense lawyer who actually said he may be able to use what I had researched and complimented me on my efforts)… he responded… "I'll take that fucking laptop and smash it on the ground in pieces if you don't stop."  He then told me there was no other choice but to sign the reunification plan papers in that he would not consider challenging the pediatrician's report. I also confronted this attorney in a text message and posted his comments online out of disgust for his behavior and lack of help, and he never once denied making that statement, even in court, knowing that I'm a licensed private investigator and incidentally, my exwife was sitting in the hallway of the court and also overheard him make this statement. I also confronted him in a text message to address the foul language and he never denied it, nor did he deny it in the courtroom. Even the third court appointed attorney informed me that Brandon Edge admitted to him of making this statement to me. 

12. My ex-wife was placed on the same reunification plan and declared to be a negligent parent simply for not being present at the time?  She was out of the house at the time of the spanking and they declared her being a negligent parent for that, while myself being the father, have been fully capable of caring for my son by myself throughout the years as I have done, including feeding, changing diapers, reading to him, comforting, playing, and in making sure he always had every single thing a baby and then later on as a toddler, needed and more.

13. The Judge Michael Duncan of the Family Law court then ordered that both myself and my ex-wife were negligent/abusive of our child.

14. To skip forward a year from this date, DSS counsel has now filed a petition to terminate parental rights for both me and my ex-wife and one of the many outrageous claims they make is that the person who they claim is the proximate reason for declaring my son as abused and neglected (the pediatrician and her forensic exam) has been exemplified by all parties in stipulation that it wasn't necessary for her to even show up in court, and that her tiny report alone would suffice!  This has been the exact opposite of my text messages to my court appointed lawyer, Brandon Edge, pleading with him to please challenge the findings of abuse and neglect, where he ultimately stated to my face "I'll smash that fucking laptop on the ground in pieces if you don't stop." Therefore, this alone has been a major violation of my rights to due process and to have a fair and just hearing and/or trial in court on the allegations. The judge made a ruling of abuse without even requiring the pediatrician to come to court.  Even other members of this case such as DSS workers, my lawyer, and my ex-wife's lawyer advised that the case was continued for the next day since the pediatrician wasn't able to show up.  After about two (2) days of continuances, I guess they finally just decided to call it a stipulation that she didn't even need to show up? Additionally, I had several many witnesses whom attempted to come forth to testify on my behalf and several travelled over 500 miles and the court made no attempt to accommodate those great efforts but instead, made several continuances on those limited days when they were in town (sacrificing their own work schedules to be there 500 miles away) which resulted in none of them whom made such a long travel and sacrifice, to be able to testify in court.  My witnesses showed up on the date the court gave for them to and while they were at the courthouse ready to testify on my behalf, the judge made several continuances which made it not possible for them to stay in town and keep from their jobs any longer.  The only testimony the court received from them were reduced to signed statements. Therefore, my rights to a fair and just hearing with rights to due process and to have competent counsel and for my witnesses to come forward to testify, and right to challenge the evidence presented, have been eliminated from this case. 

15. Back to the "Parental Reunification Plan." After I learned that the family law court ordered my son as being an abused and neglected child, and without even allowing me to fairly contest the so-called forensic examination, and my court appointed lawyer advised that my only option was to sign the "Reunification Plan",  I then did everything on the "Reunification" plan that was asked of me and much more.  It was stipulated for me to; maintain a good home, undergo an anger management class, take a parenting class, maintain a job, call the DSS social worker once per week, pay child support to the state, and get a psychological assessment.  All the tasks on this plan were fully accomplished where I even additionally volunteered to attend a large parenting seminar while not being required to do so.

16. When I went to New River Behavioral Healthcare 1430 Willow Lane, North Wilkesboro, NC 28659 - Tel: 336-667-5151 to complete the psychological assessment, Ms. Diana Ryder advised that I seemed perfectly fine and that she would communicate her findings to the social worker Elizabeth Davis which should suffice the mental health assessment.  Upon a following visit, Ms. Diana Ryder then began to insult and condemn me for marring my ex-wife for her being much younger than me.  Ms. Ryder continued to raise this issues several times and wouldn't lay it to rest.  She finally advised that her services would suffice to help me get my son back however, that I would need to be diagnosed with a disorder of some kind in order for my insurance to cover the payments.  I then responded that I was a working licensed professional and have a very positive outlook on life and that unless I truly had a psychological disorder, I'd rather not agree to accept one simply for the sake of my insurance paying for services.  Ms. Diana Ryder then began to bargain with me over disorders and stated that I could accept a "separation disorder" and then she coerced me by saying "because I'm sure you wouldn't want a personality disorder."   I later faxed her a letter stating "As needing to be classified to have some type of “disorder” for me to be able to see you, I understood it would be either one or the other of two “disorders” to choose from, with the final one settled upon having the least effect towards my professional license.  I believe the other was “personality disorder.”  As mentioned, I’m fully capable and do, function productively and in a positive spirit on a day-to-day basis, working, paying bills, interacting with others very sociably and respectfully, and taking care of all obligations that DSS is requiring of me, in order to get back my child."

17. Ms. Diana Ryder then retaliated and scribbled very illegibly on a sticky note about the size of two stamps put together, that my current attorney at the time (Brandon Edge) couldn't read either. So her "message" had to be received from the social worker to state that she recommended a full psychological evaluation.  As a result, Ms. Diana Ryder has also been under investigation of North Carolina Blue Cross Blue Shield for insurance fraud. The insurance investigator also advised me that she withdrew from one or more claims (for payment) after her actiones were being exposed. 

18. Later on after a review meeting at the Wilkesboro, NC DSS office, I asked Ms. Mary Severt who she would recommend for me to see for the psychological evaluation, as the choice of who to see was at the parent's choice.  She handwritten on a small piece of paper the names of several names familiar to her and with the first on the list to be Harry G. Padgett, Ed.D – NC Licensed Psychologist #195 Agape Onama Psychological Incorporated 1212 School Street, Wilkesboro, NC 28697.  Dr. Harry G. Padgett came up with four (4) different disorders and when he was legally recorded in a meeting afterwards, he proved to my second court appointed attorney at the time (not Brandon Edge) that he was grossly incompetent as he spent approximately seventy (75) minutes representing himself as an old man laughing hysterically about random stories about himself and would become extremely defensive and belligerent when asked if he could give any reasoning how he came up with the disorders. In fact, he would as quickly as possible change the subject very tangentially, to something else to avoid explaining how he arrived at any of the claimed disorders.  My new attorney at the time (the second of three court appointed attorneys), even stated to me that he is a kook and he wouldn't even allow his own dog to see this man.  My attorney also attempted to have me play the tape in court and the judge passed on hearing it and quickly declared the evaluation inadmissible. However, Paul W. Freeman (DSS's lawyer) completely ignored the fact that all parties and the Judge disallowed Dr. Harry Padgett's grossly incompetent evaluation to be admitted as evidence, and continued to write in his written pleadings and made oral argument to the court that I haven't complied with this man's (Dr Padgett's) recommendations to undergo psychological counseling.  Therefore, Paul W. Freeman proves he doesn't follow the laws by ignoring the fact that the court refused to even listen to the recordings of Dr. Padgett nor to admit it into evidence.  Yet, Mr. Paul Freeman continued to attempt to blindside the court in proposing that even though this "Dr" of psychology was rejected as being competent by the court, that I was still at fault for not accepting this man's ludicrous false conclusions of having several disorders, and in not subjecting myself to recommendations to undergo further unnecessary expenses of psychological counseling (that would be paid out of my pocket to treat several "disorders" that I didn't even have.  Again, I had to pay for another psychological evaluation just to prove that none of these disorders claimed by Dr. Harry Padgett, existed. Even after I obtained the new evaluation results from the new psychologist, showing that none of Dr. Harry Padgett's "Disorders" existed, DSS attorney Paul Freeman continue to attempt to blindside the court and ignored this fact and continued to claim that I wasn't in compliance with this "Parental Reunification Plan" for not following the incompetent recommendations of Dr. Harry Padgett.  You can clearly see how Paul W. Freeman turns an EXPECTED court of law and court of justice, into a perfect textbook example Kangaroo Court.  In case there is any doubt as to the true incompetence of Dr. Harry Padgett, please be my guest to listen in on the horrendous communication between the two of us (that the court refused to listen to and passed on allowing his report to be considered). As I'm sure you can imagine, Dr. Harry Padgett has also been reported to the North Carolina Psychology Board with this information to insist that he never harms the psychological welfare or wellbeing of anyone else, ever again. Dr. Harry Padgett's Incompetence Communication 

19. Therefore, now I was stuck with the obligation to pay for a second evaluation in order to attempt to satisfy this "Parental Reunification Plan".  Dr. Nicole Cantley was the second NC licensed psychologist that I paid for and she rebutted all the "disorders" of Dr. Harry Padgett and although she suggested that counseling may be a good thing to better a personality, she strictly concluded  with the word "not" in italics: "it is not the opinion of this examiner, however that Mr. XXXXXXX's compliance in outpatient therapy be deemed a condition of maintaining visits with his son or ultimately regaining custody, as therapeutic progress must be an ongoing venture."

20. I then faxed this report to my second court appointed attorney, and expected that it should finally be the completion of the "Parental Reunification Plan" Therefore, on the date of 10-9-2010 when this psychological evaluation was completed, I should have been granted the process of reunification with my son or at least in the gradual transitioning of him to my home. 

21. Just to reinforce my commitment to comply with the "Reunification Plan" I even obtained and paid for a third psychological evaluation which resulted in no disorders and the psychologist concluded that no outpatient therapy was recommended. So once again, I should have been granted the completion of this "Parental Reunification Plan".

22.  After all the tasks have been well completed of the reunification plan, DSS has continued to allow the foster parents to alienate the affection of my son, for over a year to present.  Originally, my son was very adverse to the foster parents and would hit and spit on them and during our only two (2) allowed visits per month with our son, I have video-taped my son many times and while I would carry him in my arms, telling me he missed me very much and wanted to be back with me. He stated (in the recordings) that he would cry a long time missing me.  During another supervised visit on his birthday, and in the presence of the foster-care mom, he ran into my arms with a huge long tight hug then said "Daddy.. I wanna be with you." I then responded awwww.. you do son? And he shook his head yes. This is all on video.  My son and I are on video during the majority of visits playing together, laughing, hugging, kissing, talking, and I've also demonstrated good parenting skills in directing my child appropriately during the visits also. My son has referred to me as "daddy" numerously during the visits throughout the year and that he loved me and we also discussed that spankings are not the way we discipline anymore and that I was sorry for spanking so hard.  We have covered this issue several times and once, while I was carrying my son in my arms and we have came to a solid understanding and closure on the issue of spankings, as I've told my son several times, that just isn't how we discipline anymore.  Since after attending the comprehensive parenting class, I've been equipped with outstanding new parenting skills that have taught me how to teach and discipline without the use of spankings and I've been very eager to obtain back my son so that I could use my new learned skills in being a better parent. After finishing these classes I have stated all of this to the court early-on and therefore, there is no right of them to have consistently kept my son away from me. 

23. However, over a year later after my son has been with the new foster family, he now has become more comfortable with them and their two children whom aren't very far from his age, and has gone from hitting and spitting on them, to telling both me and my ex-wife that we aren't his parents anymore, stating that the foster parents are his parents.  Many times I will see another child in public who resembles my son and I'm stricken with sadness while taking a second or third look to make sure it's not him, because I miss him so much and the court cut off my visitations with him for no good reason at all and I haven't seen him in over a year now.

24. Wilkes County NC DSS staff, social workers, associated psychologists and/or mental health practitioners, and guardian ad litem, have consistently banned together stating that my son is now happy in the new environment with the foster parents and that by returning him to me, his father or my ex-wife, his mother, would be a great mistake, claiming he is now thriving and prospering in the new home and claiming it would be detrimental to return my son back to me. The court also gave specific support of the grandmother's claims who essentially claimed it would be a grave mistake to return my son back (she knows I'm originally from another state and selfishly doesn't want me to take my son far away from her).  From these recommendations, Judge Byrd discontinued the only two (2) visits per month both me and my ex-wife were given, which allowed the affection of our son to be not only further, but completely alienated by the Foster parents (Tabitha Lovell & Roger Lovell of North Wilkesboro, NC). After the long periods of alienation of affection, my son then stopped calling me "Daddy" and began calling me by my first name "Jon" and stated, "you aren't my Daddy, Roger's my Daddy." He also gave the same response to his biological mother. All the while that Judge Byrd has discontinued visitations with my son, he still requires me and his biological mother to pay child support which I have been doing to the present day. 

25. Wilkes County, NC DSS have themselves, documented nine months or longer of my son living with me in a fully remodeled quality home, before they removed him from it, and my landlord of this home has also came forward to testify that I've not ever missed nor been late of a rent payment for approximately two years living there, and that it was always clean and organized (again the court didn't reasonably afford any of my witnesses a chance to testify).  

26. Wilkes County NC DSS continues to raise their chief argument that a friend of mine (guardian) helped me take care of my son at her home for just around a couple of months during the time me and my ex-wife became separated and divorced, and due to my need to maintain a job in another state.  DSS argues that it wasn't a good living environment for my son.  My son had a light allergy to their dog however, that was only temporary while I was in the process of relocating to NC to create a better place for him to live with me (his father) and ex-wife regardless that we were divorced.  I established a new home for him where he was very happy to be and loved to go swimming, playing in the yard with both parents, and to appreciate the comfort of a good home where he has lived for nearly a year or more before DSS made claim he was in a dangerous environment and removed him from my home. Once again, Paul W. Freeman (DSS's lawyer) has purposely and intentionally ignored the fact that this new quality home was created for my son to live in, so that he could blindside the court and paint the worst picture possible to the judge. Paul Freeman's representations are falsified, extremely inaccurate, bias, unfair, unethical, unjust, and corrupt in many respects. In fact, I recently got word that this man married one of his clients while she was trying to help her husband who was incarcerated at the time, so apparently Mr. Freeman got them divorced as quickly as possible so he could marry her. 

27. DSS completely avoids to state anything positive whatsoever about the new home that was created for my son and that he has lived there with me and my ex-wife very happily for at least nine (9) months straight or longer and I also have provided the court with an entire photo collection of a timeline showing me and my son together very happily and in peace since he was in diapers, to the day right before they took him from my new home where pictures show him and I on the front porch steps of him running a 4X4 radio controlled truck all over the front lawn.  On that day (right before they took him from me the next day) I must have taken at least ten pictures of my son with a huge smile on his face filled with laughter, joy, happiness, and peace knowing his father loved him very dearly and was truly blessed to have such a wonderful son.

28. Since I have completed all of the tasks given in the Reunification Plan, and it has went on to nearly a year (at that time) I have become so disgusted of Wilkes County, NC DSS continuing to allow the foster parents to alienate the affection of my son and in not allowing me to have fair rights back to my son as his rightful parent, that I developed a website called:  On this website I also exposed the court appointed attorney for swearing at me simply for trying to show him a piece of legal writing that I had researched to help my case.  Once DSS learned of the website, they also used it against me and interrogated me about it in the courtroom and claimed that it goes against me for being a fit and competent parent.  The court appointed attorney never once denied using that language against me while he claimed a conflict of interest and suggested to the court that I "may be naive" during his motion to withdraw which was granted.  

29. The new court appointed attorney had me bring my laptop on the judge's bench and play back numerous moments of my son and I during our twice-monthly supervised visits, playing tennis (for the first time), hugging, playing, having warm conversations, demonstration of proper parenting direction and control (which was also acknowledged by DSS attorney in their pleadings), and the discussions on how spankings are simply not in the equation of discipline any longer. Even my ex-wife's court-appointed attorney stood up and spoke on my behalf that he was very impressed at the videos and did not expect to see such great interaction and how I responded entirely appropriately to my son.  I was very moved at that and my new court-appointed attorney advised that Judge Byrd was his best friend and that he knew him not to ever take away a parent's rights after seeing videos of that convincing nature. Likewise, I felt on that day I had finally reached a milestone and change of course in the negativity of the Reunification Plan and had hope once again of finally getting my son back. 

30.  The judge advised he would deliberate on his decision over the Christmas holiday (2010) in that he didn't take termination of parenting rights lightly. 

31. After approximately three months after that hearing, the judge ordered that rights should be terminated, agreeing with DSS that my son is doing so well in the new foster home.  

32. Once again, this is the only isolated incident of ever causing any mark whatsoever on my son and has occurred on his bottom only, and was exclusively a result of spanking too hard and was done for the purpose of discipline and not an intent to cause harm nor injury whatsoever and was before I learned excellent parenting skills as well as anger management from the completed courses that I have taken. Likewise, there were no injuries found on my son from this spanking, and I have been entirely sorry since the beginning for spanking too hard when I learned it caused the bruise mark.     

33. Since it has been nearly a year of missing work due to meeting numerous set schedules with supervised visitations with my son, case reviews, court hearings, child support payments, scheduled classes and their fees, psychologist appointments and fees, and others, I have not been able to maintain the new home that I have long established for my son before they removed him from it, and was forced to resort back to my friend's home as the home for my son and I to live in together when he was returned to me.  DSS argues that my son wouldn't be happy in that home however, my own landlord showed that I had no problem keeping up a really nice home before DSS stepped in and caused extreme financial difficulty.  Therefore, if I was able to get a new home for my son the first time, then I likewise have no issue with doing it again.  However, DSS and the court are going with the foster parents as the ultimate solution and putting my parental rights aside as if I've never been a part of my son's life. 

34. Even the second court appointed attorney withdrew from the case stating that he learned that the woman who he questioned on the stand as being the mental health personnel (who recommended visitations should be ceased for reasoning that my son was now happy in the new home - that the court granted), later contacted him and advised she was his long-lost cousin (so the attorney can claim a conflict and remove himself from the case).. Therefore, I now have a third court appointed attorney who learned of the details and responded on my behalf denying DSS allegations that I've not complied with the Reunification Plan. He has a copy of all certificates of completion and therefore knows right off hand that I've indeed completed all things requested of me and have done a lot extra as well.  He has informed me that he is well aware that Wilkes County NC DSS is very corrupt and that they love to do whatever they feel like doing. In fact, every one of the three (3) court appointed attorneys have stated the same things using various ways to describe that in their own words (corruption).  In fact to quote, Brandon Edge advised me that I wouldn't believe the things he's seen go on throughout the years and the second court appointed attorney said they are worst than Nazis.  Finally, DSS's attorney Mr. Paul W. Freeman used duress in the courtroom when he had me on the stand, by asking me in whatever form, if I still felt that DSS was corrupt. He made an attempt to get me to rescind my assertions of fraud and corruption to save face for DSS.  I suggested that I didn't feel the same way at that time (under the duress of exhaustingly trying to gain favor by him and with the judge).  My third court appointed attorney agreed with me that I gave that response clearly under duress. Therefore, to make a statement of "corruption" on a public website against this agency and court, is obviously accurate and I'm now in the process of fully revealing and exposing this to the public at large and to all governmental agencies and legal entities whom may greatly help me finally gain back the right to be the father of my son, and in support of  the rights of other families as well.    

Brief History of Wilkesboro, NC Corruption:

Wilkesboro North Carolina is well-known for a history of illegal moonshining back in the day.  It is also infamous for the prosecution of and hanging of "Tom Dooley" who many people from past to present still believe him to be an innocent man found guilty and then hung.

As it's said how history repeats itself, The NC State Borough of Investigations (SBI) began a probe of the Wilkesboro Police Department in September 2005 after officers complained to the District Attorney. 
The Wilkesboro NC Chief of Police was then indicted and found guilty of twelve (12) charges of Federal Fraud, Embezzlement, and others.  Read Full Story Here

Continuation of Account of All Activities Surrounding this Case:
10.  As if it isn't difficult enough, with DSS unnecessarily dragging this case on to the present date from: 11-16-09, making court requests for psychological evaluations (after a previous mental health counselor had already stated that a professional visit sufficed the need for a reasonable evaluation) and then more recently, when Mary Severt (DSS Social Worker) informed me (the father) that my visit for the month would be cancelled since I forgot to phone in 24 hours in advance, I the father was yes frustrated that since I've never missed the two visits per month, that she wouldn't give me a courtesy call to confirm that I would be there (as always), or to at least reschedule due to this inadvertency.  So from that, she was simply told that her actions along with everyone else's that involves this case will be accounted for as documented in writing at this website.  I the father have never missed the visits during any of the past months and needed to reschedule one due to a death in the family (my Grandmother Katherine Ciotti).  I also gave her the name of this website and her response was "I think that can be taken as a threat."  On: 7-30-10 Wendi Slentz (Guardian Ad Litem) informed me that Mary did in fact state this (that she was threatened).  Wendi spent time on the phone with me seeming compassionate and understanding where I'm (the father) coming from (frame of mind/thoughts towards this case).  However, later on in the "Parental Reunification Plan" she turned out to side with DSS, band-wagoning her opinion that my son should not be returned, and would sit very closely right next to the foster care mom during review meetings as if she's made a new friend who would obviously try to persuade her.

The "Temporary" Foster Parents: Tabitha Lovell & Roger Lovell (the following is past-tense before the above):

11.  Upon the first several months of visiting with the child, he first began crying for his father and mother and has been video taped stating that he cries very much and misses his parents very much and wants to be back with them.  With still only two allowed visits per month, at the present, the parents are now experiencing negative behaviors of the child with comments such as "Why did daddy spank me so hard?" "You don't love me."  
12.  The father personally has spoken with the child on several occasions right from the start, making it abundantly clear that his Daddy was wrong for spanking so hard and that spanking will NEVER be used again EVER, for discipline.  The child has acknowledged on video that he understood that his Daddy was very sorry for doing it and that his son accepted his apology and knew without any mistake, that it would never happen again with emphasis that spankings would absolutely NOT be used again whatsoever.  The child has clearly been at peace with his father and they have played together very cheerfully and laughed and had tremendous fun for many hours at various locations such as Our House, Wilkes County Community College (at the park and tennis courts - that's correct him and his son have played tennis together also! They have had a great deal of family togetherness, and with very affectionate conversations with the Father still continuing to make clear on occasion that spanking would never be happing again. So to therefore learn of these new comments from the child is very disturbing and unsettling and tends to make the parents wonder what on earth are the foster parents Tabitha Lovell & Roger Lovell communicating with their child? Additional reasoning that the parents question the integrity of these two first-time foster parents is due to the following facts but not limited to:

13. A. During scheduled review meetings both foster parents Tabitha Lovell & Roger Lovelmade comments separately and/or collectively stating things such as: "When (the child) leaves a visit with the parents, he acts up with bad behavior and says he doesn't want to see them." 

B.  During a review meeting, the father asked Tabitha Lovell if the child has been making any comments that he misses or wants to see his parents and Tabitha responded, "Oh no, not at all, I've never heard anything like that from him."

C. On several occasions such as at the child's birthday party at the park down the street from the Wilkesboro County Courthouse, both parents heard Tabitha blatantly call their child "her boy" ("my boy") which isn't the crime of the century to put it in perspective however, it's hard enough only getting to see my child twice per month, let alone, the foster parents are clearly showing an abnormally large amount of affection for my child who is placed in their care only temporarily, while the parents complete the "Parental Reunification Program" both have signed.  It's also rather unsettling and questionable why the foster parents seem to consistently schedule a vacation to the beach and/or other special outing on the same day and beginning right after the parents finish their visit with the child.  Could they really be that selfish and heartless to allow the child to be persuaded to look forward to the end of the visit with the excitement and anticipation of a fabulous day at the beach or other special event planned?  

D. During a review meeting, Roger Lovell pulled out a sheet of paper and began making random condemnations against the parent for D1. Claiming that he must remove the child's photograph from an online website.  D2.  Stating "The child acts up with bad behavior when it's time to see the parents and upon departure." D3. Stating "I'm hearing that the parents are now video taping during the times the parents visit the child."

13.2 Tabitha Lovell also held my son in her arms for an excessive amount of time during a scheduled visitation where she brought the child into the room and as he was clearly being very clingy and attached to her, in her arms, she didn't make any effort to appreciate how I felt at the moment standing there waiting to have one of the only two scheduled visits per month.  She also didn't make any appropriate direction of the child to visit and seemed to enjoy the attention she was getting from the child, regardless of how it felt to the parent.

14.  The father's response to the DSS board of reviewers was that "Roger, where are you going with this?"  "Besides missing our child terribly and wanting to show his grandparents and other relatives video of how he's doing throughout these many months, it is statements just as these which also tends to give good reason to video our child to document that he states the exact opposite of these types of assertions."

15.  The DSS review board concluded that the court did not make any such order to remove the child's photo from the Internet and after the father made it absolutely clear that no other child in the vicinity are being video taped, they found nothing wrong with it and gave the parents their approval to continue.  The father also made clear and fully volunteered without being asked, that copies of any and all video tapes made would be fully provided and furnished to anyone of DSS upon their request.  As the father clearly knows well, all you will see is the love of a child and his parents playing cheerfully, laughing, hugging, kissing, and learning and discovering the blessings of the world around us together as a true family.  You will see a child that states "I miss you and want to be with you Daddy." "I don't want to go back, I love you Daddy." Then you will also see DSS staff members verbally compelling the child that it's time to go as he continues to tightly hug his father without wanting to leave.

16.  Nonetheless, as this case continues, the child continues to live with the foster parents and their two children close to his age and therefore it's not very surprising to see and feel the enjoyment of love and affection of our child continue to be alienated and especially with consideration of the questionable behaviors/attitudes (over-zealous and over affectionate) of the foster parents.  The child has now been calling the true parents by their first names only, instead of Mommy & Daddy.  We pray to God this will not keep dragging on much longer.  How confused must our child become before enough is enough? Please help us, we want our child back -  We Are His Parents.
All Contents Herein - Copyright (c) 2009 - 2019 Jon S. - All Rights Reserved - 
Benchmark Case - Shorter Version of what happened to the Founder & Why he Became Committed to Helping As Many Other Families As Possible Dealing With CPS Cases (The entire full version follows afterwards below, that accounts for each person's actions)

1. On November 15, 2009, I spanked my Son's behind one time and one time only where some unexpected mild bruising had occurred that went away shortly thereafter.  Besides the discoloration, there were absolutely no injuries whatsoever discovered later by my son’s pediatrician. After I learned that I spanked too much and it caused the bruising, I immediately knew it was wrong and that spanking would never be used again for discipline.

2. On the very next day, I routinely drove my son to daycare not expecting the heavy-handed spanking to have caused any bruising at all to his behind since its never happened before, and also well-knowingly that they would be changing his pull-ups and viewing his behind, which also shows I wasn't aware that the spanking would even cause any bruising to occur otherwise, of course I would not have taken my son to daycare the next day for them to change his pull-ups and see that.  I have been very sorry that I spanked too hard in that moment not thinking properly at the time, which I’m entirely sorry for and very aware that I was wrong for it and have admitted being wrong for the accidental hard spanking since the day it happened.

3. The daycare called DSS and DSS then took my son and placed him in the home of the grandparents without even asking me or my ex-wife what had happened or to see how our son acted around us (to see if he was scared around the parents, etc). In fact, they waited approx. three (3) months to schedule a meeting with us to finally ask what had happened that led up to the hard spanking, on his behind (ONLY). 

4. The grandparents have been trying to persuade me and my ex-wife to let them adopt our son and have even kidnapped our child where a police officer asked me if I wanted to press charges but I declined to do so.  I visited the grandmother in a psychiatric hospital where she was being treated for serious depression and has been on heavy medications such as anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, and has suffered from a serious brain aneurism many years ago. However, the grandmother has told DSS that me and my ex-wife were unfit parents and claimed that she could take care of our son much better.. The grandmother's motive was to make it impossible for me to move out of state with my son, to where I'm originally from, thereby making it very difficult for her to see him.  The very evil grandmother then searched to find two parents whom had two children of their own, to persuade them to file for a foster care license so that they could ultimately adopt our child.       

5. DSS just took her word and placed our child in her home and then in the foster parent's home with no evidence whatsoever of abuse or neglect happening in my own home, which is the home they took him from. They then placed me and my ex-wife both on a "Parental Reunification Plan". To emphasize, they had no good reason whatsoever to remove our child from our home just because his extraordinarily selfish and thoughtless grandmother told them that he was in danger. What danger? They haven't found one single thing of a danger to our child! Our child has always been very loved, cared for, provided for, always looked after closely, comforted, and again, absolutely loved.

6. They have NOTHING in their files, NOTHING to show for a "dangerous environment". We lived in a very nice fully remodeled three bedroom 1.5 bath home in a very nice neighborhood. Even the person who rented us the home came to court to testify that it was always clean and organized and rent was always made on time throughout the nearly two year we've lived there and that there were never any signs of neglect or anything else of the sort.  This landlord visited the house twice per month to mow the lawn and has always seen me and my son together.  Each time, (twice per month) he would spend some time to visit and testified that he's only seen a very happy child with his family and nothing but absolute love, care, guidance, and the good well-being of our togetherness, along with a perfectly clean and organized home.

7. We FULLY participated in the "Parental Reunification Plan" to get back our son.  We both have done parenting classes, and psychological assessments. I as the father, have also done anger management classes, and psychological evaluations that showed no disorders and the psychologist expressed no need to attend any counseling in order to get back my son. Therefore, everything in this "Reunification Plan" was completed at least by me, the father, at that time and DSS refused to accept the completion and continued to keep my son from me.  

8. Me and my ex-wife have been given only two supervised visits per month (1 hour per visit).  On these visits, I made sure to video tape them because I knew that this court and judge had no reason for removing my child from my home in the first place. In these videos, my son asked me to carry him many times and also runs into my arms telling me "Daddy, I wanna be with you."  On video, he also says how he is very sad and misses me and wants to be back with me. We also discussed how we don't do spankings anymore for discipline and that me, his daddy was very sorry for spanking too hard and that we simply don't do spankings of any kind anymore whatsoever. My son was VERY comfortable and happy with me on each one of these very FEW visits (2 per month). So, the DSS's psychological personnel then came to court stating that after months and months of my son living in this new home, and with two children whom are not far from his age, that he has now became bonded to this new family (after first hitting and spitting on them in the beginning not wanting to be there), ... so they then recommended to the court that ALL VISITS OF BOTH PARENTS SHOULD CEASE simply for their reason that he is now getting along better at the new house - and doesn't want to confuse our child??!!  

9. After months going by with completing everything asked of me in this "Reunification Plan" and still not being reunified with my son, back in my home where they took him from, I stated to the social worker that I would be accounting for the actions of everyone whomsoever is involved in this case, at a website online (this website).  Mary Severt (the now resigned social worker) replied "I can take that as a threat." Afterwards, that led to all three different court appointed attorney's advising me that the reason I haven't gotten my son back was because I created this website and exposed them for their corruption. I repeat, all three of my court appointed attorneys advised that DSS hates me and that I really "pissed them off" by telling my story about how their "Parental Reunification Plan" was purposely stretched out and never allowed to be completed for the purpose of each and every last one of them, receiving ongoing paychecks, including their social workers, attorneys, psychologists, guardian ad litems, judges, and everyone else that it takes to keep a purposely chaotic, reckless, and willfully deceptive case as this to continue on indefinitely.

10. I was advised that the Wilkes County DSS "are worse than Nazis and they do whatever they want and if I want my son back, I'll do exactly whatever it is they tell me to do."  The case file shows that I've done even much more than they asked me to do (from the signed "case plan agreement") where instead of reuniting me with my son, they decided to retaliate against me and seek revenge for stating my problem with them online (dragging this out for many months). I was under the impression that I had a right to freedom of speech and for that matter, what on earth does my personal opinion or account of their actions have to do with me complying with all they've asked me to do on this case plan?  How can I or anyone else possibly be forced to lose my/their child over them suddenly deciding to feel a vengeance and vendetta against me or that parent?  The social worker on this case Mary Severt stated in her testimony "The site is an occupational hazard." It seems that proves they are indeed now being exposed for trying to terminate my parental rights based very largely, on the fact that this website was created..  How outrageous is that??  May I please remind them that this is the United States of America - that both my grandfathers defended in WW2?!

11. In closing, FOR NO GOOD REASON AT ALL, the Wilkes County NC Dept of Social Services , along with the court and judges that keep supporting it, are now trying to terminate the parental rights for both me and my ex-wife - ALL.. from a one-time accidental hard spanking to my son's behind - ONE TIME ONLY - that has NEVER happened before, and that caused mild bruising to occur which went away very soon afterwards and his pediatrician didn't find ANY injuries whatsoever - not even minor.  This is a very clear system of corruption and this petition is a request to get help from the NC Governor Beverly Perdue and any other governmental agencies that may be helpful to correct this situation and to hopefully bring justice to those whom are responsible for carrying on this masquerade-ball kangaroo-court for this long, while also wasting well over an estimated $300,000 in tax payer's money.

12. Therefore, by signing the petition you are being a very big help in making a change for not only in my personal situation, but for numerous others also whom have been the victims of this fraudulent and corrupt localized DSS and court activities, as well as change across the country to the numerous other cities affected by DSS corruption.  Please help make a change for MANY people and take just a few moments of your time to sign the petition! Thank you and I will always be VERY grateful for your help in getting to have my son back in my life again. I love him dearly and miss him VERY much. Thank you!! 

Jon Scott, the Father.
Inv. Jon Scott
1995 Graduation of 
of Criminal & Civil Investigation Studies AS Degree
My Son, Holden Scott Golds is my CHAMPION who told me on one of our last supervised visits, after running from the foster care nanny and into my arms, "Daddy, I wanna be with you."  A true champion for having to deal with and endure the corrupt system of CPS and the corrupt court system that advocated it.  Jon Scott - Very Proud Father of Holden Scott Golds!   Back to Home Page  
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