Providing PRO BONO (free) licensed investigations NATIONWIDE, for anyone who has been involved with DSS CPS, to support and advocate PARENTAL RIGHTS, and Civil Rights lawsuits, on a nationwide basis. We provide entirely free investigative services when possible, to aide and assist Parents in securing their legal parental rights and to assist in applying legal pressure, consequences, and exposure on those whom are involved in corruption and responsible for violating PARENTAL RIGHTS.
We Put an End to DSS/CPS & Court Corruption.
Our Team INVESTIGATES & FIGHTS for Your PARENTAL RIGHTS & puts a STOP & END to Court/Judicial, DSS, CPS,  Fraud and Corruption. "You helped me very much, in fact, much more than I expected towards getting my children back."
Amanda Holston, parent of three children. 
"Thank you and God Bless your organization."
Darciea H.  6-18-2013
Original Photo taken by an editor of a local newspaper. (c) copyright 2009 - 2017 all rights reserved
"Your company was very caring, informative, and knowledgeable in investigating my case with DSS and with helping us getting our child back where she belongs." Cindy Mason
Large Monetary Settlements Are Also Successfully  Reached With Our Clients' CPS Cases.
Since 2009, we've helped more families than any law firm in the nation - to become reunified back with their children.
Judge Sharon E. Guffee - Recuses Herself OFF of a Case After Our Team Was Hired to Investigate It:  -- Collection of Stories and Videos About Corrupt Judge Sharon Guffee  -- Fox News 17 Nashville, Reported by: Dennis Ferrier - Nov. 12, 2017 -- You Tube - Complaints To TN Commission on Judge Sharon E. Guffee

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